In Kenya, it is estimated that there are approximately 3.6 million children who have been orphaned or who are vulnerable. In 2020, a man named Zachariah Matoke Nyanringo reached out to us through a nearby mission that we had been supporting. We quickly recognized a kindred passion to save more children and expand our impact within the struggling region of Kisii. Later that year, we purchased a piece of land and quickly built a children’s home, setting out on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned children. 


Currently we have 20 children living at HOH Kisii – boys and girls who have found a place to belong - a home to call their own. In addition to being able to provide the children with a home, we have also begun to send the children to a nearby school to receive an education. As we look to the future of this already successful project, our desire is that we will be able to build additional homes that can house more children.  With your partnership, we look forward to accomplishing that goal and much more.