Comuna 13 is one of the most dangerous areas in the city of Medellin, Colombia. The children who live here are the kinds we seek to impact – kids without hope, opportunity, or personal safety. Some are orphans or have unstable families that have been torn apart by drugs, gangs, civil war and natural disasters. That’s where Jess and Ian Baes come in. The New York natives sold their home in 2021, and moved their family down to Colombia where they felt the calling on their life to go and impact the lives of whoever was put in their path. Our relationship with the family started with one of our board members and has grown into a partnership that is seeing the lives of many changed.

The House of Hope Community Center in Comuna 13 was established in December of 2021, and hit the ground running – eager to pour into the lives of children in the surrounding area. From English classes and other kinds of schooling, vocational training, community outreach/projects and so much more – what has already been accomplished is something that we are extremely proud of. As each life is impacted so is the community, the city, and therefore,  the whole country of Colombia.

The commitment to meet the needs of these children results in a life-changing experience for them and their families. Your partnership brings them the love, attention and friendship they need to have the trajectory of their lives altered forever.