Costa Rica is a country located in Central America with Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean coastlines. It has a population of 5.1 million people. Despite Costa Rica being an upper-middle-economy country, it faces an increasing rate of inequality. 

Around 1 in 3 children live in poverty in Costa Rica. Households with a single parent, headed by women or without social insurance, are more likely to live in poverty.

Earlier in 2024, we made contact with an already established outreach center located in San Jose, and went to visit them in May 2024. We were blessed to see the positive impact being made not just in children's lives, but entire families and community as a whole. Since then we have begun to send monthly support to aid in their mission. The truth is we love to come alongside healthy operating ministries and support them in their endeavor to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. And yet we know this is just the beginning!