Cien Fuegos

150 million children around the world are without a family or a home. This creates opportunity for predators, resulting in tens of thousands who are sold into the commercial sex industry. Approximately 80% of human trafficking victims are women and girls, and up to 50% are minors. We believe every human has inherent value, and we seek to restore them to that position. Many have been stripped of their innocence and forced into a life no human should ever experience.

At the center of this atrocity is The Dominican Republic. While it is not legal, obstructing and eliminating prostitution is not pursued in the way that you would expect. The government has made very little progress in preventing the sale of children for the sole purpose of serving the sex trade. This is where we hope to make a difference.

The barrio of Cien Fuegos is located on the northwestern edge of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our vision for House of Hope Cien Fuegos is to create a haven that is dedicated to the rescuing and nurturing of orphaned and discarded children. With our multi-acre facility, residence homes, and the Clara Berg Christian School, we have been able to embed ourselves into the heart of the community and as a result, we have seen tremendous impact in not only children’s lives, but also their families.