In 2008, Victor Donker contacted Houses of Hope via the internet. We discovered that He and his wife were taking care of over 30 kids who had no parents and no homes. Despite what these young ones had faced, they found love in the arms of Pastor Victor and his wife. As they shared with us many stories of their backgrounds, our board was deeply moved and knew we had to step in to support them. Our executive team traveled to Ghana, West Africa, in May of 2010 to meet Victor, his wife, and the children that were in their care. Immediately their hearts were captivated by the beautiful children. Soon after, the executive team began supporting this home that would then become "House of Hope Sunyani".


After purchasing property, we quickly erected a brand new children’s home, outfitted with their own fresh water well, and a water filtration system. The water purification has also been a blessing to the surrounding area and has enabled us to create a water purification business that helps fund the mission alongside the partnership of our generous donors.


As in every House of Hope location, we are committed to ensuring that the children experience a nurturing family environment, safety, and education. Victor is a local pastor as well as a committed house parent. He and his wife currently care for over 20 children. They have a full understanding that they can make a difference and change the next generation – and in doing so, bring effective change to Ghana.